Televison Production; Crushing it.

Specializing in the most challenging shooting environments, FZ Productions provides complete Television Production services and has an outstanding reputation for working on some of the most popular television shows in America. Whether it's in land, sea, or air, FZ can produce it on a national broadcast level.

Providing full video production studio services, FZ Productions delivers video and TV projects from conception to completion and does it "in-house" with a small, efficient and versatile team.

About Fouad Zayed

Prior to entering the world of media and video production, Fouad Zayed was a professional fisherman and able sailor with an appetite for adventure. With the sea and the outdoors as his play ground, his first debut in the world of TV was Reef Wrangles 1 (2010) on the Weather Channel.

After graduating in 2011 with a Bachelors in Business Administration from Mississippi State University, Fouad Zayed was a Technical Assistant on the successful TV show A&E's Duck Dynasty (Season 3-4) and as an Associate Producer in (Season 4-5). FZ is now one of the show's most tenured producers working up to season 11 of Duck Dynasty (current).

Fouad worked on 10 shows for the Discovery Channel's world acclaimed Shark-Week. They include: The Lost Cage, Voodoo Sharks, Sharkpocalypse, Sharkageddon, Monster Hammerhead, Monster Mako, Shark Alley, Monster Mako 2, Shallow Water Invasion, and Beasts on the Bayou. His role as Supervising Producer on Fish Mavericks helped mold the show creatively into being one of NBC Sports' highest rated fishing shows in 2014.